3D Concept Design

ClearLidz Visualizations

ClearLidz is a Jeep accessory company that required reaslitic marekting visuals and easy to follow instructions for their products to market to customers. 




3D Concept Design


United States



Project Goals

Provide Realistic Visuals that showed potential customers what the product is and how it might look on their Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator Vehicle.  

While ClearLidz has been selling their products for several years, they found that they needed Realsitic Visuals to promote and sell their products more effectivly.  Sometimes photos of the product on certain models of Jeep Wranglers or the newly released Jeep Gladiator wasn’t obtainable for various reasons.  Either the vehicle wasn’t relased yet, or the product was still being produced and tweaked, or simply there just wasn’t enough time to cordinate product, vehicle and location logisitics.  

RPM-3D, was hired by ClearLidz to provide a solution to these issues and get the images to ClearLidz that they needed to effectively market their line of products in a efficient manner while saving money.

RPM-3D took the reference material provided and created a 3D model version of the ClearLidz product, and using 3D graphics installed it on a Jeep Wrangler 3D Dataset as it would be in the real world.  They then compositited 3D realistiic renders into photo-backgrounds and post processed the images to make sure they looked as accurate as possible in the timeframes provided.  

Not only did ClearLidz use the images for website marketing images, but used them for advertising the prodcuts on the web via social media advertisements, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts, Marketing materials such as Posters for Vendors, Banners for Trade-Show Exhibition displays and more… 

ClearLidz Instruction Sheet Design

ClearLidz not only needed Realistic Visuals for marketing purposes, but also needed clear and step by step instrcutions as to how to use the product and install it on the customers vehicle.  RPM-3D took video and photos of the process and broke down the process into 11 easy to follow steps and created illustrations from the photos and video references that were clear and precise so that the consumer could install the ClearLidz product with confidence.

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